Beauer 3XPlus

The comfort of a mobile home

With its 28m2 of living space, the 3XPlus caravan is designed to accommodate up to 6 people. Fully equipped and with plenty of storage space, you will find it as functional as it is comfortable.




The living room has a sofa bed and a dining area with a table for 6 people. Ideal for sharing good times with family or friends.


The windows are equipped with mosquito nets and blackout curtains.

40 mm sandwich panels ensure effective insulation of the structure.


The kitchen has a large 230 litre fridge, a sink and a separate electric or gas hob. There is plenty of storage space and room for a dishwasher or oven.


The extensions close and protect the interior when the caravan is folded up: you can safely leave your valuables in the interior, out of sight.


The two bedrooms each have a choice of a double bed with a slatted base (140×190 or 160×200 cm) or two single beds (80×190), just like at home!



The two sleeping areas are separated by a double compartment dressing room.

Beauer caravan 3XPlus - Room
Beauer caravan 3XPlus - Bathroom


The bathroom is spacious and consists of a cassette toilet, a vanity unit with storage space and a washbasin with mirror as well as a shower cubicle (80×80 cm). A small washing machine can be fixed to the wall.

Customised fittings
for professionals

Personalise your interior

Choose the colours and add the necessary options

Every Beauer 3XPlus is unique.



Outer band

Recommended options


Outdoor blinds

Move caravan

Air conditioning

Bike carrier


Simple and fast

A French technology that is unique in the world. Gold medal at the Lépine competition 2017.

Your living space increases from 11 to 28m2

Deploying a Beauer 3X Plus is as easy as pressing a button. Or dragging a slider.

Our patented concept is based on the telescopic principle, which allows 2 modules to be extended horizontally to triple the living space.


The operation does not require any installation: simply press the button on the back for 60 seconds to activate the electric cylinders.


In the folded position, the furniture is nested together. During the unfolding process, the furniture moves into place by itself.


When folded, the external space requirement is comparable to that of a conventional car: this facilitates road holding and reduces wind resistance.

2 year warranty

Designed and manufactured in France

Delivery by truck possible

Unique & original design

Support for financing

Local service

Data sheet



Unladen mass in running order


Maximum permissible laden mass


Polyester and 4 cm insulation

Braked chassis


Gas box


Closing and opening
Automatic with 12V electric cylinders in 1 minute



80 litres of clean water

Equipped with a water pump



230 litres



Work plan

Sink and cooking plate


Storage drawer


Storage cupboards




Sliding doors

80 x 80 cm



To cassette


Storage unit


Water heaters



Sofa bed


TV stand

Shelves, cupboards and storage boxes



Folding chairs


Room 1

Double bed with slatted base 140×190 or 160×200 cm

Dressing room

Room 2

2 single beds 80×190 cm or double bed 140×190 cm

Dressing room


Electric or gas heating

Ecological toilet

Move caravan

Bike rack

Auxiliary battery and solar panel

Reversible air conditioning 230V

Spare wheel

External blind 400 fixed on the large cell

Alko stabiliser and anti-roll bar

Compare models :

From 4 to 8m2

2 people

From 4 to 12m2

4 people

From 12 to 28m2

6 people

2 in 1 Stay

1 bedroom

2 bedrooms

Couple's weekend

Family holidays

Spacious accommodation









Yes, the extendable cell can be opened and closed by hand. You just have to unscrew 3 bolts under the frame to release the cylinder. The 12V electric cylinders have a 5 year warranty but we have had no problems in 10 years.

During the 2-year warranty period, simply visit your nearest recreational vehicle garage and we will take care of all necessary repairs (parts and labour).

The fully equipped 3XPlus caravan weighs approximately 2200kg when empty and has a maximum weight of 2700kg. You will therefore need to pass the BE licence (code and driving) to be able to tow this caravan. If the caravan is delivered without equipment, its unladen weight will be approximately 1700kg. With a GVW reduced to 2000kg, it is possible to find vehicles to tow it such as :

Toyota Rav4: GVW 2220kg, GVW 4220kg

NISSAN X-TRAIL: GVWR 2170kg, GVWR 4170kg

Honda CRV: GVWR 2160kg, GVWR 4160kg

Suzuki Grand Vitara DDIS : GVWR 2170kg, GVWR 4170kg

VW Tiguan: GVWR 2070kg, GVWR 4070kg

VW Passat: GVWR 2060kg, GVWR 4060kg

Ford Mondeo: GVW 2270kg, GVW 4270kg

Renault Koleos: GVW 2250kg, GVW 4250kg

Beauer products are completely watertight thanks to their one-piece structures. Brush seals between these structures prevent air and water from penetrating. The structure is insulated with 2cm of expanded polystyrene in the 3X and Xvan and 4cm in the 3XPlus. Electric or gas heating is available as an option.

No, a circuit breaker is present to isolate the battery during winter storage and prevent it from discharging.

No maintenance is required. Consider closing the extensions when not in use for several weeks in winter.

The 3X and 3X+ caravans and the 3XC and 3XC+ cell cars are tamper-proof when closed. Thanks to the tilting floors, the entrance door and windows are locked, preventing any break-ins. Note that when the XVan extension is retracted, the niches on both sides are locked and can be used as a safe for your valuables.

Not necessarily! You can choose to pick up your vehicle in Cholet, meet our team and understand how our products are made. Alternatively, you can have your vehicle delivered to your home by truck throughout Europe.

Yes, our products are made of steel, aluminium and polyester: they do not rot. It is advisable to close the extensions when not in use.

A pressure of 3.5 bar in the 12" wheels is sufficient to keep the ride comfortable.

This depends on the European country. In France, the maximum speed is 130km/h on motorways (when not limited by specific signs). In Germany and Switzerland, it is possible to drive at 100km/h by adding optional shock absorbers to the Alko chassis.

Beauer's expandable cells can all be connected to 230V at standstill. Optional 130W solar panels, generator, fuel cell, heater and gas water heater can be installed for full autonomy.

No: we accept direct orders and can deliver anywhere in Europe by truck and by container outside Europe. Our Utac approval (Tuv equivalent) allows us to issue a COC certification valid throughout Europe as well as in Switzerland.

Beauer does not have a specific partnership with an insurance company but our clients have told us that mutual insurance companies are the most economical.

Yes, all trailers over 500kg GVW must have their own registration. We can take care of the registration, or you can do it at your convenience.

Fitting out

Yes: an optional bicycle rack can be fitted at the front or rear. We recommend front mounting on caravans for better weight distribution. It can support 2 bikes up to 50kg.

Yes, you can ask for a 230V air conditioner to be installed in a watertight box in the caravan frame, under the floor. This air-conditioner is reversible and can be used for both hot and cold. Please note that it will not replace a traditional heater during the coldest months of the year.

The most economical way to heat is with 230V electric convectors. For those who want more autonomy, a gas heater and hot water tank can be installed in the chassis. The 2XC, 3XC and XVAN motor vehicles can benefit from the optional Webasto diesel heater.

As standard, the beds are 140x200 cm. As an option you can choose beds of 160x200 or two twin beds of 70x190. The 3X caravan has a second bed of 90x240 in the living room or 130x240 as an option. The 2X caravan has a sofa bed for sleeping. The Xvan has a 120x190 bed with a slatted base. As an option, the bed can be extended to 140 cm from the headboard to the pelvis by means of extensions in the extension area.

The shower in the 3X caravan in the passage between the kitchen and the bedroom is 50x50cm. This can be doubled to 50x100cm by removing a row of cupboards. The shower cubicle in the 3X+ is 80x80 with glass walls. Finally, in the XVan, it is possible to install a shower tray inside (provided that you have a lifting roof) which opens at the rear (therefore reserved for VW Transporter, Ford Transit and Renault Trafic models).

All electricity is stored in a waterproof box at the front of the caravan: 12V/230V charger, opening control, battery, fuse, solar panel box, 230V inverter... This allows permanent access, even when the caravan is closed. The same applies to the 2XC and 3XC.

You have a choice: you can ask for a spare wheel to be fitted on the side of the boot at the front, or a car inflation kit (which takes up less space). The spare wheel of the 2XC and 3XC is fitted under the truck chassis as standard.

Yes, the opening windows have a mosquito net and a blackout curtain. Fixed windows have a blackout curtain with suction cups.

All Beauer products are customisable. There is a wide range of colours for furniture, flooring, plexiglass doors and seat cushions. The exterior colour strip can also be customised at will. It is possible to change the entire colour of the caravan with a coloured adhesive. It should be noted that white is more resistant to heat peaks. The XVan's pop-up roof can be painted in the same colour as the vehicle body.

Yes, there are many cupboards and lockers inside Beauer caravans. The advantage of our patented concept is that you can leave all your personal belongings inside these cupboards before the caravan is closed. The storage space in the 3X caravan is 1.5m3. The Xvan also has plenty of storage space thanks to the side cabinets and the under-bed locker.

The average delivery time is 3 to 5 months. Please note that for the 2XC and 3XC as well as for the Xvan, we are dependent on the delivery times of the car manufacturers. However, it is possible to find new vehicles in stock in certain dealerships or used vehicles.

This was the choice of the designer who wanted a sixties look. In addition, the round structures made of a single piece allow a perfect waterproofness and a better solidity. The aerodynamics are also improved.

As standard, we install a cassette toilet and a 230V refrigerator. As an option we offer a dry toilet and a 12V fridge (for use on the road).

No. The 3X caravan does not have an awning due to its round shape. However, a 2m x 2m awning is possible on the bedroom side. An optional "cap" is also available above the door to prevent rain from falling inside. The 3X+ caravan can be fitted with a 4m awning above the entrance door. The 2X caravan can be fitted with a semi-circular awning fixed in a rail on the flat side where the entrance door is located. The XVan can be fitted with an awning on the side.

Yes, you can do connection sharing with your smartphone to get internet on the tablet or PC. Beauer can also install a 4G router and a satellite dish to get the same functionality